Hepa Air Cleaning Applications

Hospitals and healthcare facilities

There is no overstating the importance of hospital air quality, because these facilities are supposed to be sterile and clean, enabling patients to recover from illnesses.

The use of portable air scrubbers with HEPA filters in hospitals and healthcare facilities is an effective way to prevent cross-contamination between patients and the spread of dangerous infections and diseases.

Besides capturing virtually all removable airborne particles, Phoenix HEPA air scrubbers are portable and can perform several critical air quality remediation functions simultaneously.



The Indoor Air Hygiene Institute (IAHI) certifies buildings that meet a standard of excellence for indoor air ventilation, filtration, and purification. Today, an organization’s success can depend on proving that the air in its building is safe to breathe.

With certification from the Indoor Air Hygiene Institute, you will achieve two things:

  • Positive impact on occupant health and performance.
  • Communication and visibility of the indoor air quality (IAQ) levels reached, so occupants can feel comfortable and assured that the air in your building is healthy.