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Clean Safer and More Efficiently With DryLINK® While on the Job Combating COVID-19

As a restoration contractor, you have a vital role during this COVID-19 pandemic.  On top of dealing with your water damage jobs, much of your recent scheduling has likely revolved around cleaning and disinfecting hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities. It is also important to protect the health and well-being of your employees while they’re on the job. DryLINK can help you monitor jobs while you’re not there. With so many lives at stake, the world needs you now more than ever!

Remote Monitoring and Reporting

As the government mandates social distancing, business closures and stay-at-home orders, the need for remote monitoring in real-time on the job has become crucial. Whether on a water damage job with drying equipment or a specialty cleaning job, using HEPA air scrubbers such as the Phoenix Guardian and Phoenix Guardian R or another brand on your jobs, the addition of our DryTAG and DryPHONE to our DryLINK® Ecosystem will allow you to monitor the performance of your units, remotely.



This free, mobile, job-based drying log app connects to Bluetooth-enabled equipment and works with iOS and Android phones.

  • Create and tracks multiple jobs from wherever you are at any given time
  • Interacts with your phone’s native map program to guide you to the job
  • Job data automatically uploads to the cloud whenever you have cell service
  • Last known location of your smart equipment


Our innovative Bluetooth beacon with a built-in accelerometer tracks the last known location of equipment even when the equipment is turned off. Can be added to any brand of equipment.

  • DryTAG senses the ON/OFF status of your equipment
  • Communicates status to the DryPHONE via Bluetooth
  • Sends a notification if a unit is turned off or power is lost
  • Can be added to ANY equipment


While not a conventional phone, this device has been specifically designed to be left on a job for remote monitoring and instant notifications.

  • Streams data from Bluetooth equipment in range
  • Sends job site alerts in real-time from smart equipment
  • Take daily readings remotely with smart equipment
  • Rearrange daily visits based on actual conditions

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is your partner and resource during these difficult times. Call us at 1.800.533.7533 if you have any questions.

Published on Apr 09 2020

Last Updated on Mar 08 2021

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