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Important Drying Report Update

Thank you for using DryLINK’s Drying Reports! You are seeing this page because we have updated our services. To help keep this product sustainable our Drying Reports will now require a $5.00 payment per report. This is a one-time fee per report, and then you can share the report with as many people as you’d like.

While You’re Here

Check out all of our Bluetooth enabled equipment management and productivity solutions.

DryLINK Equipment

Our DryLINK equipment such as the DryMAX XL LGRDRYMAX BLE and AirMAX BLE allows you to take daily readings in seconds, logs data every 15 minutes and gives access to previous readings if you cannot make it to the job site.

DryLINK Accessories

The Phoenix DryTAG, DryTAG RH and Phoenix DryPHONE integrate seamlessly with the DryLINK app. You can select which users can receive alerts such as if the equipment has been turned off and its last known location. Usage data can be provided remotely making it easy to share snapshots of current readings.