DryLINK® ecosystem

DryLINK® by Phoenix


The Phoenix DryLINK® Ecosystem is a free, job based drying app that connects to smart Bluetooth enabled equipment allowing you to manage your drying jobs and coordinate your team seamlessly from your phone.

Once registered, the app is easy to use and is immediately ready to gather, create and share smart dehu readings, saving you precious time on every job.

Start tracking multiple restoration projects from wherever you are with the Phoenix DryLINK® App.  Contact your local distributor and Dry Like a Pro today!


It’s Not Just an App. It’s an Ecosystem.

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Free to download, no usage fees
  • Monitor your drying jobs in real-time
  • Get instant readings from all Bluetooth equipment in range
  • Track equipment based on last known location
  • Get alerts if the equipment is turned off
  • Create more than one drying log entry per day
  • View detailed reports at your finger tips

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