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Introducing DryTAG RH

Phoenix DryLINK Ecosystem

Phoenix DryTAG RH

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is pleased to announce the latest addition to their DryLINK® Ecosystem – the Phoenix DryTAG RH. The DryTAG RH is an innovative Bluetooth Temp/RH Sensor designed to measure the temperature and relative humidity (RH) directly from the outlet of a dehumidifier or act as a standalone thermo-hygrometer. Data collected from the DryTAG RH is then streamed automatically to the DryLINK app and then to the drying report.

DryTAG RH Benefits

  • Use as a standalone thermo-hygrometer to automate the unaffected area, affected area, HVAC, or outside conditions
  • Add any dehumidifier to DryLINK with automated data collection of psychometric readings
  • Built-in accelerometer tracks hours of usage automatically and can notify you if equipment is turned off
  • Easy retrofit – just mount to the inside of the outlet grill
  • Serial number, hours of usage, manufacturer, model automatically transferred to the DryLINK drying report


• Select users to receive alerts
• Dehumidifier not connected/no power (with DryPHONE)

Remote Monitoring (requires DryPHONE):

• Take daily readings remotely
• Monitor the jobsite remotely
• Prioritize your site visits based on remote readings
• Bill for remote monitoring in Xactimate (WTRRM – $55/day)

DRY LIKE A PRO with Phoenix DryTAG RH and DryLINK Ecosystem

Published on Feb 04 2020

Last Updated on Feb 04 2021

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