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Phoenix Focus II Dual Axial Air Mover 

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is pleased to announce the latest addition to their equipment lineup – the Phoenix Focus II. The Phoenix Focus II is a compact and powerful dual axial air mover designed not only to move air but can be easily transported from location to location. With twice the fans to move air, how you move all that air is up to you. Air can flow vertically or horizontally – or mount the Focus II on sticks and you can aim the airflow up, down, or even angle it. All this performance while only using 1.1 amps means the Focus II has set the standard for CFM per amp.

Its ultra-compact (21″ x 8 1/4″ x 9 3/8′) size makes the Phoenix Focus II the most compact and portable fan in its class. The rugged molded-in handles give you the solid control required when packing and unpacking air movers. Its easy-winding cord wrap and multiple securement options make it a snap to prep for transport. Because of its deeply molded interlocking features, the Phoenix Focus II is rock solid when stacked for transport.


FOCUS II Benefits

  • Only 1.1 amps, daisy chain up to 10 on one 15-amp circuit
  • Half the size of low-profile air movers
  • Carry two in one hand easily
  • Only 15.5 lbs
  • 1,015 CFM
  • Dual stacking options
  • Dual cord wrap options
  • Convenience Outlet
  • Lighted Plug
  • Multiple Drying Positions
  • Patented Focus Corners
  • Xactimate Code: WTRDRY

The Focus II is a more compact, more powerful, and more affordable new restoration air mover that rises above the competition…exactly what you’d expect from Phoenix. 

Published on Sep 02 2021

Last Updated on Jan 11 2022

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