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DryLINK 3.0 Updated APP Features


Setting up your job has never been easier.

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is excited to announce four new software enhancements to our DryLINK app. Our Bluetooth-enabled equipment and productivity solution, the DryLINK Ecosystem, makes it easier to manage your drying jobs and communicate with your team. With the new feature upgrades, the Phoenix DryLINK app will allow you to:

Add Rooms to Chambers

With DryLINK 3.0, not only can you add chambers to your job, but you can also add rooms. This allows you to dial in your equipment like never before. Adding rooms allows us to calculate the IICRC recommendation for air movers.


Once you’ve set up your drying chambers and rooms, DryLINK 3.0 will automatically recommend the number of air movers you need per room and the amount of pints per day required to meet minimum IICRC chamber standards.

INCLUDE Xactimate Codes on Drying Reports

The equipment summary on your drying report now includes totals by Xactimate code allowing you to easily create your invoice.

Speed up job setup

When setting up a job with multiple rooms, first enable the filter to show only nearby and running equipment.  Once you do this, the app will automatically select the correct equipment.  It is important to note, this filter feature does not happen automatically – you must enable it first. Second, set up the equipment in one room, turn on the equipment and DryLINK will do the rest. Last, repeat these steps in each room until the job is fully set up.


Published on Feb 21 2022

Last Updated on Mar 24 2022

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