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Patented Bypass™ Technology

What Is ByPass Technology?

ByPass Technology is an innovative patented process created by Phoenix that allows LGRs to operate in temperatures as high as 125°F. The process diverts some of the incoming air streams directly to the condenser; BYPASSING the evaporator. It’s like shifting gears on the refrigeration system and allows more water removal at high temperatures. Used in the R175, R200, R250, 200HT, and 270HTx.

Where It’s Located

The ByPass “door” is located under the filter and above the heat exchanger. The Phoenix R175 and R250 have manual ByPass which the operator opens at temperatures above 85°F to 90°F or closes when operating in normal temperatures. The 300 MAX has automatic ByPass that monitors temperatures and automatically adjusts the opening and closing of the ByPass.

Why Does It Work

When the ByPass is opened, it diverts about 30% of the inlet airflow directly to the condenser. This reduces the heat (BTU) load on the evaporator and increases the dwell time allowing the air to be cooled to lower temperatures and remove more water. The increased airflow through the condenser expels more heat (BTUs) and keeps the system in balance. The Phoenix 270HTx automatic ByPass takes the technology further by adjusting the opening incrementally as the temperature rises maximizing water removal at each condition.

Published on Jan 30 2020

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