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Rotomold LGR series

  • Built-in Bluetooth technology with data logging and instant readings
  • Free Phoenix DryLINK mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android
  • 3 year warranty on new style condensate pump
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Phoenix DryMAX XL LGR

Rotomold LGR series

  • Water removal of 125 PPD@AHAM
  • Ultra-compact design with XL performance.
  • Bluetooth data logging dehumidifier with free DryLINK® App
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Phoenix Airmax BLE Radial Air Mover

AIRMAX series

  • Bluetooth-enabled, information pre-loaded in DryLINK® App.
  • Automatically adds days of usage to the DryLINK Drying Report.
  • The most compact, stackable, and portable fan in its class.
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