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*Product Update*

You can now use your own phone for Remote Monitoring and Jobsite Alerts.  Bring your own DryPHONE allows contractors to use any cellular provider they choose.  Just load the standard DryLINK app, plug in the phone, make sure the screen is set to not go to sleep, enable jobsite alerts if desired, and leave the phone on the jobsite, it’s that easy!

*The DryPHONE from Phoenix is currently on a ship hold while we rectify an issue regarding cellular coverage.  We expect this to be solved shortly.  Check back to this page for updates.  Customers with existing DryPHONES may use them during this period.

Our DryPHONE integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix DryLINK App.  DryPHONE automatically uploads data from drying jobs to the cloud. Users can program this inexpensive smart device to send alerts when a goal has been reached or when equipment is turned off.


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