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DryLINK Accessories

The Phoenix DrySENSE is a Bluetooth moisture content sensor for setting and monitoring moisture goals on the job site.  Moisture content readings are automatically added to the drying report and log the time when the drying goal is reached. The attached pins allow you to push the sensor into wet drywall and the included accessory gives you the ability to put stainless screws into harder surfaces to measure the moisture content.


  • Includes temperature and RH sensing
  • Uses attached pins to push into wet drywall
  • Readings are automatically added to the drying report
  • Logs the time when the drying goal was reached
  • Calibrates the RH sensor when needed
  • Included accessory allows screws to be used for harder surfaces

Product Specifications

0-100% relative humidity range
Humidity accuracy +/- 3.5% rh 20-80%
High RH sensitivity: 0.004% rh/lsb
Temperature accuracy +/-0.5C 15 to +40
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.9F 59 to 104
Moisture content scale 10-30% +/- 1% Wood Reference Scale
All readings over 30% are relative
Power supply AA battery
Data logging capabilities one reading per 6hrs