Photo of DryTAG RH
  • Photo of DryTAG RH
  • Photo of DryTAG RH



DryLINK Accessories

The Phoenix DryTAG RH is an innovative Bluetooth Temp/RH Sensor designed to measure the temperature and relative humidity (RH) directly from the outlet of a dehumidifier or act as a standalone thermo-hygrometer. Data collected from the DryTAG RH is then streamed automatically to the DryPHONE (optional) and drying report.



  • Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) sensing
  • Automate dehumidifier outlets, affected area, unaffected area, HVAC readings
  • Appears in the DryLINK app, even when not in use, for easy job setup
  • Includes a sensor to show nearby equipment first saving time during job setup
  • Automatically provides days of use and serial numbers to drying report
  • Provides an hour meter for cumulative run time on the job