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If you’re dealing with large amounts of water that need to be removed, time is of the essence – therefore, it’s important to have powerful, durable and reliable dehumidification systems ready and at your disposal. We offer a full line of dehumidifiers, air movers, heat drying systems, and HEPA scrubbers for water, fire, and mold mitigation.


Water damage from a water leak, a burst pipe, a broken appliance, or a flood or storm is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Water warps and disintegrates woods, corrodes steel, ruins textiles, and causes short circuits in the electrical supply systems. If not properly mitigated, it can lead to fire hazards and mold growth.


Fire damage cleanup is a multi-step, challenging process that often includes addressing water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage. Because of the immediate destruction caused by fire and the corrosion that follows, it’s critical to address the damage as soon as possible.


Mold is a serious hazard to properties and human health. Whether it’s from a small, persistent leak, sudden house flood or extensive water damage as a result of a fire, any untreated or unresolved water damage can lead to mold.

Phoenix Focus II Dual Axial

Focus series

  • Dual fans with optimized outlet shaped for high-velocity air delivery
  • Half the size of low profile air movers
  • Convenient GFCI protects the unit and everything plugged into it


Rotomold LGR series

  • Built-in Bluetooth technology with data logging and instant readings
  • Free Phoenix DryLINK mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android
  • 3 year warranty on new style condensate pump

Phoenix AirMAX BLE Radial Air Mover

AIRMAX series

  • 925 CFM airflow capacity
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix DryLINK app and DryPHONE
  • The most compact, stackable, and portable fan in its class

Phoenix Firebird Compact 20 Heater

Firebird series

  • Provides up to 20,000 BTUs.
  • Durable stainless steel cabinet, can operate virtually anywhere on the job site.
  • Features multiple power receptacles for connection to common 15A/120VAC outlets
  • Remote Phoenix Thermostat (with 25’ connecting wire) included with unit

Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System

Guardian series

  • The most compact, portable, True HEPA air filtration device made.
  • Durable, lightweight and stackable.
  • The ultimate blend of portability and performance.
  • The optional 4-stage absorption filter contains a blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate to remove airborne odors and chemicals.