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Phoenix Adds E3

into DryLINK

Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a top provider of water damage restoration equipment today announced E3 functionality built into DryLINK.

Phoenix has partnered with the Dewald Academy of Drying to provide the most powerful way to automate and control your water losses.

E3 evaluates jobsite conditions and affords complete control of the loss regardless of the category, class, outside conditions, or drying equipment used. For the first time ever in our industry, you will have access to a proven E3 metric that will quantify which drying equipment will work the best for the specific loss and eliminate all guess work.

When combined with DryLINK, you can not only automate the data collection, but rest assured that the data going in is coming directly from DryLINK sensors. The E3 workflow is built into the DryLINK app and easily guides technicians on how to set up and control any job for maximum efficiency.

About Dewald Academy of Drying

We believe in the importance of providing aspiring restoration professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools required to perform comprehensive structural drying in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. We offer top-quality education to people who want to gain a holistic understanding of the scientific and technical principles involved in the structural drying process.

Want to learn more?

In this webinar, experts Larry Carlson and Chris Laney delve into Phoenix’s integration with the Dewald Academy of Drying and their revolutionary E3 metric. E3 automates water loss control, provides accurate equipment recommendations, and seamlessly integrates with DryLINK for automated data collection and real-time control.

Published on Jul 10 2023

Last Updated on Jan 12 2024

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