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  • DryPHONE

    • Gather readings instantly from Bluetooth equipment in range
    • View atmospheric readings for a specific chamber
    • View moisture readings for chambers and related notes
    • Manage your equipment on any given job site
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  • phoenix-drytag


    • Gives last known location on a map with no monthly fee
    • Automatically provides usage and serial number to drying reports
    • Integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix DryLINK® app and DryPHONE
    • Can be added to any brand of equipment
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  • guardian-R500-antimicrobial-filter

    Guardian R500 Antimicrobial Filter

    • Don't just capture microbials, destroy them on contact
    • Drop-in filtration solution that quickly and effectively eliminates harmful viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air
    • Disposable replacement filter containing 5 lbs. of Purafil’s patented antimicrobial dry chemical media blend
    • Also removes toxic and damaging gaseous pollutants
    • Easily attaches to, and sized specifically for, the Guardian R500 HEPA System
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    • Built-in Bluetooth technology with data logging and instant readings
    • Free Phoenix DryLINK mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android
    • 3 year warranty on new style condensate pump
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  • phoenix-drymax-xl-dehumidifier


    • Water removal of 125 PPD@AHAM
    • Ultra-compact design with XL performance.
    • Bluetooth data logging dehumidifier with free DryLINK® App
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  • phoenix-r175-lgr-dehumidifier

    R175 LGR

    • Removes 30% more water than competitive units of the same size.
    • Excellent grain depression and operation range.
    • Features effective air filtration with pleated media MERV-8 filter.
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  • phoenix-R250

    R250 LGR

    • Telescoping handle, stackable, cord and hose storage.
    • Superior filtration and multiple ducting options.
    • 135 PPD
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  • phoenix-250-max

    250 MAX

    • Outstanding low grain operation coupled with exceptional high-temperature performance.
    • Out performs the previous leaders at all temperatures, with no need for bypass settings or other adjustments.
    • Besting the acclaimed 200 MAX in pints per kilowatt-hour.
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  • phoenix-d385-stainless


    • Ingeniously designed to operate vertically or horizontally.
    • Wide operating range and ultra-low grain depression.
    • Four hole design allows for effective positive, neutral or negative pressure operation.
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