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Patent-Pending GTR™ Technology

The New Innovation in LGR Technology From Phoenix

Graduated Thermal Reduction (GTR) is the newest innovation in LGR technology created by Phoenix engineering. What makes our patent-pending GTR technology unique is the cutting-edge design of the refrigeration system. This exclusive Phoenix design actually achieves LGR performance without a pre-cooling component for the inlet air stream. The result is a dramatic reduction of the overall size and weight of the unit itself because no additional space in the cabinet is needed for a heat exchanger or heat pipe.

How GTR Technology Works

The key to LGR performance is achieving an evaporator temperature approximately 35°F to 45°F below the ambient inlet air. In the past, this had been achieved by pre-cooling the inlet air using the cold air as it is leaving the evaporator (fig.1).

All refrigeration systems are balanced. The amount of energy absorbed at the evaporator (cooling) must equal the amount energy shed at the condenser (heating). GTR technology uses a specially designed condenser and airflow to reject more heat, allowing the evaporator to reach lower temperatures (fig.2).

Published on Jan 30 2020

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