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Phoenix Announces DryMAX XL PRO

Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a provider of top-tier water damage restoration equipment, announces the launch of DryMAX XL Pro, the market’s most advanced restoration dehumidifier.

Designed to overcome a common challenge faced by horizontal dehumidifiers (the ease of navigating stairs), the DryMAX XL Pro introduces a cutting-edge solution equipped with numerous enhanced features. Below, we highlight some key benefits:

For more comprehensive information, visit the official DryMAX XL Pro webpage.

About DryLINK: DryLINK stands out as the sole fully automated jobsite data collection tool with remote monitoring capabilities, live drying reports, and asset management for the water mitigation market. Share drying reports promptly with stakeholders for up-to-date jobsite information.

About Phoenix Restoration Equipment: Phoenix remains at the forefront as a leading supplier of innovative equipment and technology solutions for water mitigation professionals. Pioneering advancements since the launch of the first LGR dehumidifier, the Phoenix 200, in 1994, the company continues to lead the restoration industry.

Embark on the future of water damage restoration with Phoenix Restoration Equipment and the revolutionary DryMAX XL Pro. For further details, contact us or visit the DryMAX XL Pro webpage to delve deeper into this groundbreaking dehumidifier.

Published on Feb 28 2024

Last Updated on May 16 2024

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